Old Forge Properties 2014/2015 Marketing Campaign

When the parent company that owns Enchanted Forest Water Safari, Water’s Edge Inn, and the Old Forge Camping Resort needed a rebranding initiative and revitalized marketing plan, their advertising agency, Carpenter & Damsky, approached FosterMartin Interactive Marketing to help develop a solution.

The solution became a three phase project;

  1. Phase I
    A rebranding initiative that focused on streamlining the brand identities for each property
  2. Phase II
    Redevelopment of each property’s website to cohesively communicate messaging and improve their online presence, and the creation of a new website, Experience Old Forge, which showcases the Central Adirondacks Region
  3. Phase III
    A video production project that included producing three core :30 second commercials, one for each property, and the creation of additional promotional commercials which focused on specific events at Enchanted Forest Water Safari

The rebranding initiative was handled by FosterMartin’s creative department which helped establish the design directives that were followed in Phase II and Phase III of the project. The web development was executed using creative mockups developed with and approved by the client. The new website Experience Old Forge helped create new marketing and advertising opportunities for the client and the community. The WordPress based CMS gives them a high level of control over the creation of new, and management of existing, content.

I oversaw Phase III including the planning and pre-visualization of the commercials and concepts. I decided on a 4 day shooting schedule, determined shot selection and location scheduling, and work as the primary videographer at all three main properties and a fourth location, Calypsos’ Cove. After production wrapped, I initially produced rough proofs of the commercials including voiceovers, which were then sent for approval by the client. After a revision process, the finalized spots have ran for the last two seasons on Time Warner Cable, local Utica stations WKTV and WUTR, and other regional markets including Syracuse, Watertown, and Albany.

The 2014/2015 marketing campaign helped determine a new direction and established updated marketing goals for Enchanted Forest Water Safari, Water’s Edge Inn, and the Old Forge Camping Resort. It has been a great experience to work with Enchanted Forest Water Safari and the rest of the Old Forge properties.